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MEN! 5 Signs You're Ready For a Major Shift

Men: 5 Signs Your Ready to Shift Into The Next Level

By Fraya Mortensen

  1. You’ve become tired of meeting societies gender norms about how men are supposed to be strong and not show vulnerable emotions. You are done with these unrealistic expectations and now you want to experience your vulnerabilities and weaknesses as a sign of healthy masculinity. You’re starting to explore your feelings and you understand that expressing your emotions is an important aspect of communication and healthy relationships. But this still feels so raw and like unfamiliar territory that can still feel quite overwhelming to explore on your own.

  2. You've been holding onto fears, whether that be a fear of abandonment or a fear of failure or even a fear of success. The thing is that you've come to realize that these fears have been holding you back from entering a secure relationship. You've started to realize your self-sabotaging behaviours that push away meaningful connections as you're still in a bit of a protection mode.

  3. You're ready to feel empowered! You want to encourage other men and empower other men who have been holding back from facing their fears. Being a role model for other men is an important aspect of why you're here.

  4. You no longer want to isolate yourself from the world. This isolation may have served a purpose for you as a form of protection and healing, but now the loneliness has started to set in and now you’re ready for connection.

  5. You know there’s something missing within you that you can’t quite put your finger on, and are seeking help to understand yourself better and start to embrace your unique qualities and interests. You may have already dealt with major life challenge like divorce or a break up or are grieving the loss of a loved one. You've started to learn some valuable lessons from these heartbreaking experiences, but now you want to embrace a new challenge, one that you feel more in control of.

Sometimes it can feel like you're in conflict with yourself and that inner conflict leaves you feeling lost and unsure of what direction to take next. Maybe you're at a point where the next step is actually quite clear, but you don't have motivation or the right support to get it started.

As a transformational life coach for over 20 years, I've led hundreds of men toward positive life changes and helped to spark major shifts never thought possible. If you've related to these 5 Signs check out Mindshift: The Inner Connection Journey for Men which is currently accepting application for an 8 week group starting on September 22nd (registration closes September 1st)


Fraya Mortensen is a Canadian based Transformational Mindset Coach who helps empathic and highly sensitive people to build their self-awareness, self-compassion and set healthy boundaries without the guilt.

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