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Are you ready to LEVEL UP your Mindset and Motivation in just 30 minutes a day for 7 days?

If you want to move yourself from mundane to exceptional energy in life this requires exceptional daily practices that no one else is doing. If you want something you've never had before, you'll have to do something you've never done before!

I don’t even want you to  tell anyone that you’re doing this challenge, instead just wait for someone to say,  “Hey, there’s something different about your energy”  as they sense this shift in you.


And most importantly YOU will feel this shift in yourself.


People who are stuck in a never ending rut of unworthiness and lack of confidence 

People who are unable to reach the next level in their self acceptance journey. 

Creatives, Artists and Spiritual Healers who have had success in the past and are now struggling to reignite their flame and passion

People who know about the power of their thoughts and the positive energy we can generate with movement, affirmations and music,  but don’t want to waste hours of their day to with something that doesn’t work.

People with too much self-awareness who need to get out of their heads and into ACTION!

Those who are looking for new habits and routines to mix and match and add your own flavour to.

Maybe you’ve been reading books and watching countless hours of videos and you've been down the rabbit holes of reddit and still have this paralyzing inability to get yourself into action.


You might be too overwhelmed with information that you don’t know where to start and are beginning to wonder if you ever will. 


Listening to other people talk about changing their lives is getting annoying and to be honest you don’t even think you even have the time or the energy to change anything.


I’ve been in those slumps too and I’ve come to learn that LESS IS MORE!


I don’t have to wake up at 5am, and I don't have to do cold plunges or meditate for an hour every day. I also  don’t need a subscription to anything or even a gym membership. 


I learned that I just have to START SOMETHING!


And once I started then I wanted to do more, and it became an addictive habit to see how good I kept feeling day after day. 


This 7 day challenge is the KICK OFF to what awaits you in the weeks to come and if it gets you out of your rut for 7 days then you’re well on your way to 14 days that turns into 21 days, 3 months and before you know it a whole year of new habits have been formed. 





... and why would you wanna trust me?

Hey I’m Fraya

A fellow Empath, Introvert, Entrepreneur, Creative Artist and Writer who has been teaching people how to change their energy by using The 4M’s of Mindfulness, Mindset, Movement and Music! 


I help people learn the art of mindful living so they can stop their negative thoughts in their tracks so they can feel secure, confident and give themselves what they really want.

I wrote a book called Colors of The Mind that is all about understanding the way you think, using colors of course! 


This is the mindset tool that has gotten hundreds of my clients success in securing the healthy habits they have today, as well as how to guarantee a WIN-WIN outcome every time!


Movement has been my quickest go-to tool that combines the power of mindfulness and music in one. As a former professional and trained dancer, CFL cheerleader and yoga practitioner, I have over 40 years experience using movement to shift my energy.


Music has been a guiding force for me since I can remember, going back to the days of my Fisher Price Record Player and being the one to make my friends mixtapes, and CD’s.


Now I have a MixCloud account with Dj mixes for anyone to check out!


When you combine all of The 4M's together you have the magic formula for me to shift into a better feeling state at any time and when used together, The 4M's has the power to move mountains! 


What I'm saying is that the 4 M's have allowed me to become a very powerful manifestor. 


I’m good at what I do because I’ve been testing out these practices on myself for the last 30+ years so I know what works and what doesn’t. Does that mean it will work for you too?? You'll have to try it to find out!


Because of my ability to maintain a steady flow of energy that is at or above neutral, I’ve been able to quit my government job with the Ministry of Attorney General and grow my own personal brand to over 600K followers over 3 social platforms. 


Now I get to help people from all over the world, while working much less challenging myself even more!  It’s a sign of confidence when you’ve been able to highlight your accomplishments in a way that can inspire others to realize YOU can reach any goal YOU put your mind to... even when other people think you’re crazy for trying!


All those people who thought I was out of mind look at me now and say, “Ok, you’re doing it, I was totally skeptical, but you’ve proved me wrong.” 


If that’s enough to convince you to sign up for this FREE challenge, then I don’t know what is.


  • Develop the ability to create a daily routine of proven mindfulness and mindset habits. 

  • Start to experience a noticeable shift in your energy

  • Find the one thing FOR YOU that hits your sweet spot and generates an immediate shift in energy.

  • Have the luxury to do something different every day without a rigid schedule or routine because that’s what everyone says you “SHOULD” do.

  • Break through any ruts or stagnant energy you’ve been feeling stuck in for too long




Here's Everything That's Inside The 7 Days to New Energy Challenge:



  • Identify where your energy is at every day and through a specific set of practices you will choose which one is needed to shift into a new desired outcome.


  • a fun 30 min a day or less challenge to get you into a new mindset so you can move into a new energetic state ready to tackle whatever you’ve been holding back on taking action on (hello procrastinators!)


  • How I personally generate a new  energy in myself so I can get myself motivated, charged up and ready to take on new challenges ahead


    Choose your own adventure over the next 7 days to create your own recipe for the new energy you desire.

Did I Mention That it’s FREE?

Ok, So Let’s Take The First Step!

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