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The Free To Be You Signature Program


This is a 1:1 coaching solution for empaths, highly sensitives, introverts, artists and neurodiverse people who want to increase their confidence, be more authentic and live a life of self acceptance, personal joy and freedom. 


I only work with people who are:


















I will work with you for 3 months to hone your mindset, mindfulness skills and make sure that this isn’t just about change, it’s about transformation. 


Even if you haven’t been able to make this shift before and if you are currently having doubts,  I want you to know that everyone is capable of transformation, but not everyone is willing.


You’re not the only one that’s been full of self doubt before, but if you're someone who wants to improve their life,  you are also the person who is ready to face the pain involved in  changing the direction of your life. 


What you have to look forward to is not just more self awareness and more self acceptance, or even just a better relationship with yourself.


This is about finally taking the big leap of faith with yourself.







Are you ready to finally face those wounds that have been holding you back? Are you ready to meet them with so much self compassion that you don’t know why you waited this long?


I’m here to guide you through it all as we stay closely connected in our sessions, regular email communications, and monthly group sessions with other clients on the same path as you are.


The majority of our work is 1:1 with homework, feedback and self assessments. You won’t be the same person in 3 months from when you started.



The Free To Be You Signature Program is only reserved for a select few people that I choose to work with each year. So let me give you a little run down on my Eligibility/Enrolment Process.


I have up to 3 spots available each month and although many people want to work with me, the truth is that this program is not for everyone.


To really know if I can help you I need to speak with you in a brief 10 minute call first. I’m not comfortable with asking you to just clicking a button, make a payment and then join a program that isn’t going to be a good fit for you. That’s why I use this 2 step enrolment process


  • First we start with a 10-15 minute call.  Once you’ve found a time that works best for you, you’ll take a few minutes to complete a short application. This is also where we discuss your financial commitment to coaching.  (Yes, coaching is not cheap, but if possible we can find a way to make it more affordable for you)

  • Once on the call I’ll have a better idea based on your application responses if the Free To Be You Signature Program can help you, or if I would recommend one of my workshops, upcoming challenges, or membership options. 

  • If I see that you meet the eligibility for the Free To Be You Signature Program, you’ll move onto the second step which is an hour long video call with me. In this call we’ll be digging much deeper into your current problem and obstacles that have been holding you back.  (This is the call to discover if we're gonna be a proper fit to work together) 

  • If all goes well, we’ll be able to start working together immediately and your transformational journey will begin!

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Ready and willing to do the work, because there is no such thing as quick fixes. I will give you the tools and ingredients you need, but you are the only one who holds the magic wand to your success.


Done with bandaids and want solutions instead of talk therapy. You understand that to master anything fast you must be ready to learn. 


Done with bandaids and want solutions instead of talk therapy. You understand that to master anything fast you must be ready to learn. 


Open to looking at blind spots, to have one foot in the known and the other in the unknown.


Identify strongly as an Empath, Highly Sensitive, Creative/Artist or Neurodiverse person

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