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From Teen to Twenties

Who dares to share their own diary with another?


Isn't that everyone's worst fear?


Imagine someone delving into your innermost thoughts and feelings.


Perhaps you refrain from keeping a diary altogether due to this fear, or maybe you're among the many who have had their diary violated, only to have its contents used against them later. It's an act of immense vulnerability. Maybe you've struggled to find the words to fill its pages, unsure of what to write.

So, why would I want to expose my diary for all to see?

I grappled with this question myself, but the answer wasn't difficult to find.


Since the age of 12, writing in a diary has been my primary means of expressing my thoughts and feelings.


Each time I opened a new page, it felt like unveiling a new truth—a personal confession and life update shared with my closest confidant.


As a girl with few friends, I often identified with the term 'Lone Wolf.' Feeling different, I longed to belong and fit in. However, with age, I've come to realize the value of standing out and forging my own path.


Being human entails embracing vulnerability and authenticity, which I believe are two of the most important character traits one can have. Therefore, I aim to lead by example by sharing my story through the lens of my diary entries. I have nothing to hide and no shame in sharing my thoughts, knowing that we all have similar experiences.


By revealing our true selves, we can connect on a deeper level and find unity.

Six years ago, I embarked on the task of transcribing my handwritten scribbles into a digital document with the aim of eventually turning them into a book. As I painstakingly rewrote every word I had penned, I found myself reliving each experience from my past. Spanning the ages of 16 to 31, these writings served as a poignant reminder of my youthful infatuation and naivety. It became apparent how oblivious I was to red flags, as I stumbled through numerous unfulfilling relationships without even recognizing the warning signs.

I knew I wasn't alone in facing these challenges. Even if no one else had walked in my shoes, I hoped my experiences would inspire others to embrace vulnerability and authenticity. Additionally, I hoped they might find some entertainment value in my ongoing journey to discover meaning and purpose in their own lives.

In Diary of a Lone Wolf: From Teen to Twenties, I share with you word for word my journal entries starting when I was 16 years old in 1992 all the way to 2007, with a few gaps in between.  You'll join me in my teenager woes of being lost and lonely in love while in my later years trying to pursue a career and a social life. 

Diary of a Lone Wolf has one common theme, a lonely girl who is hopeful to find love, yet can never get it quite right. 


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