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Hey, I'm Fraya

I'm a fellow Empath, Introvert, Entrepreneur, Creative Artist and Writer who has been teaching people how to change the way they think so they can Feel better


I help people learn the art of mindful awareness so they can stop their negative thoughts in their tracks, feeling more confident, secure, and start living the life they're meant for!


I want you to be FREE TO BE YOU, and that means learning to love yourself again!


Four years ago I quit my government job with the Ministry of the Attorney General to share my expertise in human behaviour and and personal philosophy of life by offering transformational mindset coaching and growing a social media following of over 600K followers across 3 different platforms. 

Now I get to help people all over the world from Canada, India, Australia, Europe and the United States as they forge their own path toward setting healthy boundaries, learning self compassion, and radical self acceptance. 


Free To Be You

Signature Program

Fast Track Your Personal Growth with an 8 week Transformational Coaching Program



Join The Evolving Empath Community as a Monthly Member. 


How to Set Healthy Boundaries Without the Fear of Rejection, Abandonment and Guilt


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