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About The Author 

Fraya Mortensen is a Transformational Mindset Coach from Canada who after a 20 year career in the Criminal Justice System has become an expert in human behaviour and understanding how people change.


She is the CEO and founder of Free To Be You Coaching and has joined thousands of people from around the world in their journey toward personal freedom, empowerment and authenticity.

Colors of The Mind

Colors of The Mind

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What People Are Saying About Colours Of The Mind 

Allan H, Ontario

An enlightening and entertaining book on how to live a conscious life so you can be authentic, free and at peace with yourself.

Karen J, Ohio

Colors of The Mind  is a guide for anyone who yearns to live an authentic and free life. Filled with insights, wisdom and advice to teach readers how to be more fully present in their relationships, and the world around them.

Manal H, India

You've been looking for this all your life and now you have found it. This book will help you live a conscious life so that you can be authentic and free

Sammi, Australia

This book will help you learn how to be free from all the thoughts, feelings and emotions that hold you back from living your full potential. Colors of The Mind is filled with practical exercises and unique perspectives for each step on your transformational journey.

Laura D, NYC

This book is like having an amazing, insightful mentor by your side as you walk through life's challenges, big and small
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